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Simple hosting for creative people.

If you’re like us, you have a lot of ideas and you build a lot of static HTML websites. And when you build those websites, you don’t ever really finish: you’re always tweaking and tinkering with layout and content. And you hate how complicated it is to actually publish those updates. We hate it too.

We don’t want to commit, push, build, and deploy to change a font, rewrite a paragraph, or fix a typo.
We just want to change a local HTML file and say “make it live”.

And every place we looked was just a bit too complicated for us. Too much workflow, too much config, too many steps.

So we’re building Wünderbucket. It's for creative people like you. We're currently invite-only. If you'd like to to use the platform, fill out the form and let us know.

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Custom Domains

You don’t need to become a DNS expert to point your domains to your HTML. You can even use a custom domain for free.

Fast Load Times

Goodbye, load times. Your HTML will load crazy fast in any location with our global CDN. We handle all the caching too.

Simple, smart interface

Upload any page in a single step. Our uploader will resolve all the linked assets for you so you don't have to worry about it. No FTP. No conflicts. No hassle.

Free SSL

All of your pages and assets will be served over https. Even custom domains.

Open Source

Your HTML belongs to you. The best way to ensure your ownership and privacy is for us to share our source code.

Extensible architecture

Use our open-source SDK to extend what you can do with Wünderbucket.